Full-Depth Patching "R&R"

Prolong the life of asphalt

The following repair methods apply to displacement /faulting, alligatoring, major potholes, and other defects or conditions requiring full depth patching. The object is to prolong the life of existing asphalt pavements by removing and replacing the damaged asphalt.


Material shall be a fresh, dense, graded hot asphalt plant mix that meets or exceeds Colorado State Highway Specifications. Manufacturer certification is available upon request.

Surface Preparation

Repair area shall be swept clean for proper cutting and proper adhesion. Areas will be saw cut and excavated to a depth of how many inches specified in the contract using the proper equipment for the size of the job. Sub-base will be re-compacted, and all material removed from the repair area will be hauled off and returned to the plant for recycling.


CSS-1H tack coat will be applied to exposed vertical surfaces prior to placing new asphalt plant mix. Installation of the mix will be done in lifts, each lift will be 2″ to 3″ in depth and compacted thoroughly. Compaction will be done with equipment most suited for the size of the job. All work will be neatly squared off.

Clean Up

Any debris resulting from this process will be removed.