Surface “Skin” Patching

Surface Patching

The following repair method applies minor defects such as low areas/depressions, minor rutting, delamination or slight deterioration of asphalt.


Material shall be a fresh, graded hot asphalt plant mix that meets or exceeds Colorado State Highway Specifications. Manufacturer certification is available upon request.

Surface Preparation

Repair area to be swept and blown clean for proper adhesion. After the repair area is clean and dry CSS-1H tack coat will be applied to the entire repair surface.


After the tack coat has set, hot asphalt plant mix shall be placed on the repair area. The asphalt mix will be “feathered” to a zero thickness around the edges of the patch. Compaction will be done with equipment most suited for the size of the job. All work will be neatly squared off.

Clean Up

Any debris resulting from this process will be removed.