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ad_logoAsphalt Doctors Inc. is a Colorado business, family owned and operated. We are a full service asphalt company specializing in the maintenance of your asphalt parking lots and we service Denver and the Front Range from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs. Our many services include complete removal and replacement, full depth patching, skin patching, infrared patching, overlays, paving, sealcoating, crackfill, car stops, speed bumps, striping, and concrete.


To Our Customers:
Asphalt Doctors is in the service business and intends to remain the recognized leader in the asphalt pavement and maintenance industry. Through a team of reliable and responsive people committed to quality, ethics and service, we produce efficiently run projects. We dedicate our strengths, talents and creativity to transform our customers problems and needs into workable solutions. We believe this, in turn, yields delighted customers.

To Our Employees:
We provide fair compensation, stable employment, challenging work and opportunities for personal development in a safe environment that contributes for a fulfilling career. We provide the planning, leadership, support and tools to allow our employees to achieve their objectives.

To Our Suppliers and Subcontractors:
Through our respect and professionalism, we earn the trust and commitment of our suppliers and subcontractors as vital members of our team.

The above principles are embedded in our strategic plan, By achieving all of these, we attain the level of quality, efficiency, profitability and customer loyalty we desire.

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